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This report on Electron Therapy is primarily concerned with the detection and cure of cancer and related diseases. It is presented for research only. This is part two or two parts.


 Dr. Rife's discovery of the various chemical makeup's of different organisms led him to believe that each kind of organism was electrical in nature and should have a resonant frequency determined by each type of chemical combination.

  His first attempts consisted of a series of unsuccessful experiments to destroy them, with such rays as infrared and ultra-violet. He next turned his attention to radio frequencies. It was his belief that somewhere in the spectrum were frequencies which would resonate with the vibratory rates of disease germs. He believed that if such a frequency could be found and applied, the rays would be fatal to the organism. The first radio frequency instrument was designed and built in 1920. The instrument covered a range of 15 meters to 27,000 meters and was extremely complicated to operate.

 At that time Dr. Rife was working on the elimination of the Tubercle Bacillus virus. Since the frequency which would affect the virus was unknown, Dr. Rife proceeded by trial and error. Dr. Rife and his assistants made test after test and trial after trial until at last initial success was found. Guinea pigs inoculated with the Tubercle Bacilli and subjected to the frequency instrument at one particular frequency resulted in the organism being killed. At this time a problem even more difficult to solve became apparent. Even though the organism had been killed by the resonance of the proper frequencies, in several cases the inoculated guinea pigs died of toxic poisoning. Three years were spent in determining the answer to this problem. Knowing of the early work of Vaughn with the poison molecule of tuberculosis, he suspected a virus form of the organism was killing his animals. Subsequent studies have demonstrated that this is exactly what had happened. Dr. Rife was then faced with the problem of devising a technique to obtain the virus in pure form, unmixed with contaminating organisms. That Dr. Rife has managed to determine the proper frequency for treatment of this disease and also the treatment of cancer as well as devising the techniques for obtaining the virus of both organisms is a tribute to his remarkable versatility and persistence.

 "We have been able to devitalize the bacillus and the virus of tuberculosis with radio waves since 1930" Rife said, "but we could not use the treatment until we had done more work to make it possible to use it on man. After being subjected to the waves, the organisms will not grow in culture flasks and cause no disease when injected into guinea pigs."

 Destruction of the organism by the rays is described as being similar to the phenomenon of a combination of transmitted electronic energy and the coordinate resonance of critical frequencies. This is likened to fragile glass which is shattered by a sustained musical note which is tuned to the resonant pitch. Rife has now demonstrated that the frequency instrument has the power of killing germs that cause tuberculosis and cancer, without harm to human tissue.


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Development of the Rife Ray to the point where it can be used on beings without harm to human tissue is now a proven fact. Scores of tubercular patients have been treated in private practice and have now recovered. Most cases respond within a period of one to two months and the disease is quickly rendered non-infectious.

The isolation of the cancer virus was an accomplishment in which Dr. Rife took a great deal of pride. In 1931 he discovered the transformation of the cancer virus and the successful treatment for cancer by actual observation with the Universal Microscope while applying the frequency instrument treatment.

The major portion of the cancer tests of the tumors used in the initial tests was procured from the Paradise Valley Sanitarium in National City, California. The pathology of these tumors was checked through their laboratory as malignant.

The methods and principles that were used in this procedure were as follows: An unulcerated breast mass that was checked for malignancy by their laboratory and ourselves came to our laboratory from the paradise Valley Sanitarium. The experiments were carried out in our point Loma Laboratory, then known as the Rife Research Laboratory.

A test tube containing' a sample from the unulcerated breast mass was sealed and placed in an Argon gas-filled loop with a two-inch water vacuum and activated with 5,000 volts; the test tube was then incubated for 24 hours. Upon examination of the solution in the test tube, it was found to be teeming with cancer of "B X" virus, which was the most highly motile and the smallest in size of any of the viruses previously isolated.

 When examined under the Rife Virus Microscope, these B X or cancer viruses refracted a purplish red color with the monochromatic beam.

 The method of inoculation of experimental animals with B X, the virus of cancer, is as follows:

 The animal is first shaved and sterilized with alcohol and iodine solution at the point of inoculation and placed under partial anesthesia. This avoids subjecting the anima3 to shock. An extra long,' very small needle is used. The needle is filled with sterile petroleum jelly and a hypodermic is then filled with the inoculum and the needle placed on the syringe. The needle is inserted no less than 30 mm from the point of inoculation under the epidermis. The point of inoculation is in most cases the mammary gland for the reason that the B X involved was recovered from an unulcerated human breast mass.

 In 3 to 4 days a lesion appears in the thyroid area. The cause of this is unknown, but the lesion recedes and heals over and a growth starts in the mammary gland of the experimental animal. These growths or tumors have exceeded the weight of the experimental animal in many cases. The tumor is surgically removed and the B X is again recovered in all cases.

 An important factor and check is to make at least 10 transplants from the initial isolation of B X. These transplants are made at 24 hour intervals into the original "K" media. This increases the virulence and speeds the growth of the tumor. With these experiments that have been repeated on over 100 experimental animals, we are convinced that this method definitely proves the virulence and pathology of B X virus.


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If there are any workers interested in following this technique, we will furnish them with the formula of "K" media and all of the basic principles involved. However, it is beyond the scope of the average microscope to visualize these minute virus. (An electron microscope kills the virus,' destroying any chance of finding its resonant frequency. TJB)


(B X was called Bacillus "X" by Dr. Rife.)

The actual cure of cancer in experimental animals occurs with the use of our frequency instrument. To attain these astounding results, a long and tedious process is started to determine the precise setting of the frequency instrument that is the mortal oscillatory rate of this virus. When the setting is found, it is repeated 10 consecutive times after the frequency instrument has been placed back to the same setting before a specific frequency is recorded. These results are observed under the high power of the Universal Microscope and when the mortal oscillatory rate is reached, the B X form5 appear to "blow up" or disintegrate in the field. The inoculated animals are then subjected to the same frequency to determine if the effect is the same on the B X virus in the tissues of the experimental animals. The results are precisely identical with experimental animals as with the pure culture slides; these successful tests were conducted over 400 times with experimental animals before any attempt was made to use this frequency on human cases of carcinoma and sarcoma.

The first clinical work 'on cancer was completed under the supervision of Dr. Milbank Johnson, M.D., which was set up under a Special Medical Research Committee of the University of Southern California. Sixteen cases were treated at the clinic for many types of malignancy. After three months, 14 of these so-called hopeless cases were signed off as clinically cured by the staff of five medical doctors and Dr. Alvin G. Foord, M.D., Pathologist for the group, according to Dr. Royal R. Rife. The treatments consisted of three-minutes duration using the frequency instrument which was set on the mortal oscillatory rate for B X or cancer (at 3-day intervals). It was found that the elapsed time between treatments attains better results than the cases treated daily. This gives the lymphatic system an opportunity to absorb and cast off a toxic condition which is produced by the devitalized dead particles of the' B X virus. No rise of body temperature was percept-able in any of these cases above normal during or after the frequency instrument treatment. No special diets were used in any of this clinical work, but we sincerely believe that a proper diet compiled for the individual would be of benefit.


We can determine in over 90% of the cases of persons having carcinoma by the examination of a blood smear (with the technique heretofore explained) in 30 minutes. We have also found that 'in many types of epithelioma that the carcinoma tissue carries no conductivity with a pendulum galvanometer which enables us to outline and determine the location of a tumor without the use of X-ray photographs. It has also been determined that any case of malignancy treated with either X-ray


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or radium or other radio-active materials shows decided ionization radio-activity and harmful tissue effects for many months after the treatments or examinations have been given. Destroyed tissue or tissue that has been harmed is a natural parasitic feast. We have also found that tumors treated with this method respond less readily to the treatment of our frequency instruments. 'XL most cases, radio activity in the body nullifies the action of the frequency instruments.

 All pathogenic diseases can be eliminated with preventative treatments using the frequency instruments. We find, in 98% of carcinomous individuals in the monocytes of their blood, granular forms. This is one type of organism we find in blood from carcinomous individuals as Dr. Rife has stated, "Malignancy is a blood disease and this is one type or one stage of this granular form which can be made into carcinoma by growth on "K" media. This is one form of malignancy and from the cryptomyces pleomorphia long, Rife can transfer any of these stages back into a B X and produce a tumor from which can be recovered a true B X or cancer virus.

 (This article was written over a quarter of a century ago. John Crane can still be contacted concerning the work of Royal R. Rife and the Rife Virus Microscope Institute. Contact: John Crane, 4246 Pepper Drive, San Diego, CA 921O5 - USA. Phone # (619) 281-0278)


September-October 1986 JBR

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