Dinner Party


Milbank Johnson, M.D., Medical Director of the Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company, President of the Southern California Auto Club,  gave a dinner to honor the accomplishments and achievements of Royal R. Rife in his home at Pasadena called Belbank.. The cabinet to the right supported the solid gold dishes of Napoleon.  Johnson was reportedly worth $15-million.

Please see the Newspaper article titled "Sciences Latest Strides In War On Ills Disclosed"

The doctors attending from all over the United States were:

                Dated: November 20,1931                    

Dr. Arthur I. Kendall Dr. George Dock
Dr. S. Fosdick Jones Dr. O.O. Witherbee
Dr. C.M. Hyland Dr. Harold Witherbee
Dr. Alvin G. Foord Dr. B.O. Raulston
Dr. V.L. Andrews Dr. Linford Lee
Dr. Milbank Johnson Dr. George Kress
Dr. Rufus B. Von klein Scmidt Dr. Albert Ruddack
Dr. Wayland Morrison Dr. Richard Winter
Dr. F.C.E. Mattison Dr. M. Aubrey Davidson
Dr. Joseph Heitger Dr. W.H. Sooins
Dr. E.M.Hal l Dr. Walter V. Breem
Dr. C.W. Bonynge Also invited:
Dr. E.W. Butt Dr. C.E. Zobell
Dr. A.S. Heyt Dr. B. Winter Gonin
Dr. E.W. Lanson Dr. 0.C. Grunner
Dr. A.H. Zeiler Dr. James B. Couche
Dr. R.W. Hammack Dr. K.F. Meyer
Dr. C.D. Maner Dr. Arthur W. Yale
Dr. Ellis Jones Dr. E.L. Walker
Royal R. Rife Dr. E.C. Rosenow, Sr.
Dr. Allen B. Kanaval Dr. E.F.F. Copp
Dr. Sanwel J. Tattison Dr. Royal Lee
Dr. J. BrandonBruner Dr. Lee DeForest

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