Notarized Affidavit




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County   of     San     Diego   )    as

                I, NINA CULVER DRYDEN, who first being duly sworn, on oath, deposes and says;
                That I was born January 10, 1870 near Ottumwa, Kansas and am an American
                Citizen and that I am the Aunt of Royal Raymond Rife and that at the
                time of the death of his Mother Ida May Rife,  when he was about 8 months
                old, his Father brought him to me and raised him and brought him up as
                though he was mw own although I never legally adopted him. He lived
                with me continually from the time he was 8 months of age until the year
                1905 and I have been constantly in touch with him ever since.
                       The facts surrounding his birth, to the best of my knowledge and
                Belief are as follows; 

                                Name at birth; Royal Raymond Rife Jr.
                                Place of birth; Elkhorn, Douglas County, Nebraska.
                                Date of birth: May 16, 1888.
                                Fathers name; Royal Raymond Rife Sr.    (Now deceased)
                                Place of Fathers birth; Ohio
                                Date of Fathers birth;  About 1867
                                Fathers occupation at time of this child’s birth; Mechanical Engineer.
                                Mothers maiden name; Ida May Cheney. ( Now deceased)
                                Place of Mothers Birth; Cresion, Iowa
                                Date of Marriage of Royal Raymond Rife and Ida May Cheney; 1886
                                Place of Marriage; Fontanelle, Iowa. 

                                This was the second child born to these parents, one child having died
                                in infancy prior to the birth of Royal Raymond Rife Jr. Both of these
                                Parents were of the white race and this child was a legitimate child.




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