The Rife Microscope


The Rife Microscope


"Fact: and Their Fate"

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"FACTS do not speak for themselves, but must be spoken for," * is an axiom too rarely admitted.

 In the world of health and disease, there are despotic influences that take incredible pains to hide facts that would explode their control over current theories and practices. It was a Harvard professor who defined a medical education as, "The warping of unsuspecting immature minds into a meticulous system of commercial superstition."

 It seems that the commercial, drug and food interests have seized upon the mistakes of the pharmacologists, who long ago limited the useful and available drugs or remedies for disease, the weapons of the doctor, to poisons and poisons exclusively. (See Lee Foundation Reprint No. 25A for the complete story.) That has put the medical profession of the civilized world in a frightful spot. They find themselves today treating starvation and deficiencies of mineral foods and vitamins WITH POISONS in stead of with the physiologically correct nutrient principle. Their victims die after this treatment of symptoms instead of causes has produced misleading spells of remission of their starved state. Ten to twenty years is chopped off the life span of most people as a consequence. All because SOMEBODY is actively promoting the continuance of that mistake, and other mistakes, of pharmacologists, to protect their special racket.

 What are the OTHER mistakes? One is the idea that germs are causes of disease instead of the result of wrong food and wrong environment. Rosenow, one of the most alert and out-standing of our recent bacteriologists, announced in 1914 in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, Volume, 14, that he had established the fact by experimental investigations that bacteria are not of themselves deadly or dangerous, but are rather a primitive and potential form of life, able to modify itself very quickly to changing environments. Bacteria are beneficent or dangerous according to the host, according to the surroundings in which they live, even as you and I would be entirely different in character and in health if brought up under other conditions. 

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Dr. Rosenow summed up the situation as follows: "It would seem, therefore, that focal infections are no longer to be looked upon merely as a place of entrance of bacteria, but as a place where CONDITIONS ARE FAVORABLE for them to acquire the properties which give them a wide range of affinities for various structures." In other words, the disease has been caused previously by injury of one sort or other, resulting in degeneration of protective tissues and a weakening of the protective mechanism in general. Then, when the soil has been prepared (by the patient), the appropriate bacterium is generated and becomes parasite upon its natural habitat, just as in the case of the flies and the 'manure

(See, "The Philosophy and Science of Health", E. E. Rogers.)

 This was not compatible with the plans of organized medicine, or with the plans of some power higher than this (Drug & Food monopolies??), so it was never given any public recognition. N o text book on bacteriology mentioned this important principle, unless to say it was not true.

 Later, another great research man went further, and showed that one micro-organism could be converted to another. For instance, colon bacillus into typhoid, by altering the environmental biochemistry. What happened to him? That is a long story. Not only was his remarkable work studiously ignored, but any medical doctor who made use of his practical discoveries to treat patients was immediately stripped of his privileges as a member of the local medical association. By a fluke of fate, an article describing some of the work of this man accidentally got published in, "The Journal of the Franklin Institute ', of Philadelphia, a non-medical journal where the censorship was not so well maintained. But, the proper influence was soon brought to bear, and no copies of this article are commonly available. What is the, name of the investigator, and the name of the article? It is, "The New Microscopes", by R. E. Seidl, M.D. & M. Elizabeth Winter.

 The fact that important commercial interests connive to suppress valuable discoveries which might hurt their business was well illustrated by the recent article in, "Reader's Digest" , in which the suppression of information about the nickel-cadmium storage battery has been so effective for the last forty years, during which American battery users had spent vast sums for short lived lead batteries, in total ignorance of the existence of a battery that was ten times as durable and reliable, and freely available to European motorists. 

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Rife's obliteration from public view was no less efficient. Here is his story, as well as I can give it at the moment:

 Mr. H. H. Timken, the motor axle magnate, employed Rife at his San Diego winter home garage as a chauffeur and mechanic. Finding that Rife was working as a hobby on a new system of optics for high power magnification, Timken realized that he was on the trail of something big, and set up a foundation with an endowment fund to finance Rife's researches, and built him a laboratory on the Tim ken grounds. Rife proceeded to justify Timken '5 generosity with a vengeance, the Franklin Institute report offering only a short review of what had been accomplished. With his 150,000 power microscope that made live germs visible as clear as a cat in your lap, Rife showed that they:

1.Gave off a monochromatic wave length of invisible ultra violet light, at all times during their life.

2.That by. Superimposing another beam of monochromatic ultra-violet, he could produce a heterodyne beam of visible light.

3.That by subjecting the germ to a short wave frequency of the correct value, the germ immediately disintegrated.

4.That by subjecting test animals that had been given lethal doses of pathogenic germs, he could invariably save their lives by subjecting their bodies for a few minutes to the proper single wave length of electrical energy.

5.That by altering the environment and food supply, friendly germs such as colon bacillus can be converted into pathogenic germs such as typhoid.

6.That there are only about ten different classes of germs, within each class conversion from one form to another is a matter of environment.

But, when he announced his findings his troubles started. Local medical doctors who recognized the value of Rife's discoveries, and tried to apply them to their clinical work, soon found their relations with the local medical society cancelled. Rife was called a quack. No doctor was permitted to use his apparatus or methods on penalty of ostracism.

No medical journal was ever permitted to report on Rife's work. This' one by the Franklin Institute slipped by the censors, since this organization is not medical but supports general scientific activities. But that mistake was soon rectified, it appears, as there is still no general knowledge of Rife's epoch-making discoveries. Again, the iron curtain of Fishbein is effective. By the way, Fishbein is still active on this most important job for the monopolists, He is editor-in-chief of the "Index Medicus", the American source index for everything medical1 and associate-editor of the "international Medical Index", published by Elsevier in Holland. As such, he is in a position to determine what the doctor will find out about any subject in medicine and what he will not find out. We can give you a list of various subjects on which this censorship is rigorously applied. (Any evidential sup-port for homeopathic medicine, for osteopathy or chiropractic manipulation for example). Only the treatment of disease with synthetic drugs is carefully reported. Botanicals are played down, foods as remedies are almost as taboo as Rife's work. Trace minerals have been proven to be the key to the cause and cure of undulant fever for ten years, but not a trace about the work in any of Fishbein's censored medical journals. (See Lee Foundation Reprint 25A for information on the official definition of a medical remedy for disease, how it excludes .automatically any vitamin, nutritional mineral or enzyme, and Reprint No.41 for more on undulant fever.)(Both free on request.)


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