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"Dr. ROYAL R. RIFE Speaks again in the year 2000"

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Track Numbers

1. John Crane to Robert R. Stafford MD
2. Dr. Rife speaks to Dr. Stafford
3. John Crane to Dr. Stafford about Dr. Rife and info on the tube.

03:36 “We have recently acquired 2 top electronic engineers who are going to attempt to transistorize one of our frequency instruments, and the final design configuration Bob, has been determined to be in the form of a flashlight.  We are experimenting with a new reflector type emanation tube and we wish to make a configuration transistorized in the form of a flashlight so it will be much lighter, probably around 8 pounds.  It could be held in the hand and moved around at will.”
4. John Marsh to Dr. Stafford talks about cases he treated
17:20    “I don’t make mention of religion too often, the work that we do, but I can’t erase the fact that it was God’s Will that we met and this I’m assured that you are assured of . . .”
5. John Crane reads letters from around the country - Dr. Tulley cures pyorrhea.
13:54  “…we have in process a 25 inch diameter curved piece of glass that has been moved from a large search light and this is a standard Bausch & Lomb made lens for this type of search light and it has a very nice curve which we want to use ____ on 1 side with a vacuum coated aluminum on the other side as the reflector which we might position over a surgical table and put the ordinary tube below it and focus the electron therapy of it into the patient which would give us a much better coverage over the areas involved.  Now this form of emanation or direction of the emanation is still in the experimental stage and we are also going to try some uranium glass and our glassblower has some other ideas which we’re sorta  helping him along to build and he will probably get around to building this in a few months, we hope and we may have some unusual results along these lines too.” 15:40     Discuss details of planned research laboratory with a 32 foot screen for color and black and white movies from the microscope, a welding, plastic, paint sheet metal shop; Incubation and Inoculating Room, 5 bedroom adjoining house, Library, Deep Freeze Room,
16:00    “ …think we can make a 6 inch telescope and make a 100 inch out of it!”

18:20    Drawing Room, Courtyard in the center like Spanish style


1. Crane addresses Dr. Stafford
2. Data on International Conference on Medical Electronics in Paris France, 1959
3. Case of hemorrhoids & piles
4. Making claims about the instrument
5. Problems facing the instrument

03:50    “…increase in power has been a detriment to destroying microorganisms. 
04:23    “ …a certain power range which the instrument is effective and above which and below which very little is obtained.”
6. Research on Bacillus X
7. Hearing with the Cal. Public Health Dept. with Dr. Kendall denial of any knowledge of the tube.
8. Letters to Dr. Rife from Kendall 1934 N.W.U. Medical School Research Dept. - Kendall talks about work with the tube.
9. Letters from U.S.C. Office of the Chancellor to Cal. Board of State Health.
10. Letter to the Radiation Detections Company to Frank Steve Dept. of Public Health.
11. Tulley, Pyorrhea case & letter from patient 1956.
12. Lupus case cured Tulley Couch 1956.
13. Crane comments on the Health Field 1956.


1. Crane addresses Dr. Stafford about Kendall Dec. 2 1931-1936 - Letters from Kendall.
2. Filterable Typhoid Dec. 2. Talk about the microscope..
3. Dec. 18 letter to Rife from Kendall about K. Medium Kendall talks about his part of the work.
4. Jan. 4 1932 letters from Kendall to Rife. Dr. Ralph Mellow wants to see lab and the microscope. Head lab man at Western Pennsylvania Hospital, talks about Filterable Forms.
5. 1932 Dr. Rife to Dr. Kendall. talk about Filterable Forms, Talk about microscope. Talk about Dr. Rosenall.
6. 1932 letter to Dr. Rife from Dr. Kendall talk about Microscope, Dr.Mellon.
7. March 3, 1932 Dr. Kendall to Dr. Rife talk about pictures of Rife Microscope. Mellon Cultures of Tubercular Bacillus Filterable Forms.
8. May 25, 1932 to Dr. Rife from Dr. Kendall. Dr. Millbank Johnson.
9. July 10, 1932 to Dr. Rife from Dr. Kendall; comments on Rife's visit with the microscope. Sineway, Mellon Cultures; questions about cultures.
10. July 28,1932 to Dr. Rife from Dr. Kendall; Dr. Rosenall's proceedings at The Mayo Clinic.
11. August 2,1932. To Dr. Rife from Dr. Kendall; Telegram from Dr. Mulbank Johnson about Rife's success.
12. August 19,1932. To Dr. Rife from Dr. Kendall; Letter From Dr. Johnson To Dr. Kendall about Rife's success.
13. August 25,1932. Dr. Kendall to Dr. Rife. Talk about how the instrument works. praise for the microscope.
14. September 21,1932. Dr. Kendall to Dr. Rife. Dr. Johnson's Telegram. attachment for microscope. Can't get microscope to work, need help.
15. Dr. Kendall to Dr. Rife talk about microscope, Mr. Ott Sr. Dr. Saint John calls on Kendall about microscope from CAL TEC talk about Dr. Saint John and what he saw that CAL TEC. could not.
16. October 3,1932. Dr. Kendall to Dr. Rife. Letter from Dr. Biyan Cohen of the American Society of Bacteriology. Dr. Bryan Cohen about microscope.
17. October 29,1932. N.W.U. Medical School Dr. Kendall to Dr. Rife Mr. Ott interested in microscope. treated water on K. Medium.
18. Dr. Kendall to Dr. Rife. talk about the light, cultures, photograph and filterable forms.
19. December 13,1932. Dr. Kendall to Dr. Rife. The microscope lamp, Dr. Saint John, Dr. Church, Dr. Saint John.
20. Dr. Kendall to Dr. Rife. Talk about merger, Telegram from Milbank Johnson-talk about microbe being dissolved and destroyed.
21. Dr. Kendall to Dr. Rife January 2,1933. Up coming visit, Cultures & FiIterable States. work with Dr. Rosenall. Talk of their work together. The loan of the No.2 Microscope.
22. June 8,1933 Dr. Kendall to Dr. Rife. The microscope, Glover Microbe, Argon Light. Dr. Jones.
23. March 8,1934. Dr. Kendall to Dr. Rife. Letter from Dr. Carl Meyer to Dr. Milbank Johnson. Quartz Lens Systems. Colors of the forms. request from the Dean of N.W.U. Wants a letter describing Rife's instrument.
24. Crane closes to Dr. Stafford.


1. June of 1956. John Crane addresses The listener.
2. Rife talks about the Virus of Cancer. His work with Electron Therapy. Staining the filterable forms. 1921-1922 Start work on the theory Talk of microscope. Dr. Kendall and K-Medium Granular particles which are the virus, how the microscope works the BX & BY. The filters isolate virus of TB Form a committee with USC. 16 cases 14 pronounced clinically cured. After Dr. Millbank Johnson dies county board pulls all research. Talk about photos and film of the process. 3 min. per treatment 2 times a week. Rosenall 14 years, head of bacterial research at the Mayo Clinic. July 13 1932 article appears. Rosenall gets fired after showing the panel the movies of the whole process. Publications on new microscope in Smithsonian & the Franklin Clearing House for all optical equipment in the US.
03:00    “ My presumption way back in 1921, 22, when I first started to work on this, that when the causative agent of this malignancy was found it would be found to be caused by a microorganism, and, not unlikely that microorganism a so called non pathogenic, we have with us at all times that the shiftin the metabolism in the individual would alter that organism into something else.
03:44    “ That I proved definitely years later.”
03:48    “ So I developed the First Microscope for that work, studying those tissues.”
04:05    Kendall medium, ingredients and use described
14:00    “ I worked with the original discoverers of this thing, way back in 1920, when of course radio was still in its’ infancy. I worked for a number of years with   AJ Forest, which is a good man, excellent, he’s a daddy you know.
14:46    “ Now I don’t say that every frequency which I have found through the field of  pathogenic microorganisms is a true frequency. There is a possibility that many of those may be harmonics. You see, that may be but these are the ones I’ve found and those are the ones I recorded, you see. So, as I say, the whole ah, results, we’ve had has been very encouraging.”
19:49    “ My initial school was Hopkins   “ … there is no American Medical Association, an American Drug Syndicate. Parke Davis, Whitehall, they tell them what they can do.”
19:50    “ I’ve never accepted or received a dime for anything I’ve ever done. I work for the benefit of humanity, and like I was saying to the boys here the other night, sometimes I get sick and tired of humanity. “
23:00    “ Patients treated twice a week were getting better results than those treated every day because of the Lymphatic System.”

24:30    The machine has more penetration than X-ray
25:00    “ Every virus organism requires a different frequency according to its’ own constituents, its’ primordial cell or predominant chemical factor.”   “ You see, practically all of these virus is made up of what we call a predominant chemical factor and they all have radicals. Certain percentages of radical particle that’s in them. We disregard those because the predominant chemical factor is the one that carries. Like I say, I believe sincerely and honestly that it is the chemical constituents of this particular virus, or primordial cell as we term it, of the pathogenic bacteria that is reenacting upon the unbalanced cell metabolism of the human body that produces the disease.”
28:00    “ My theory is worked out on a basic principle of what we term Coordinative Resonance.
29:46    “ You give me 14 chemicals that are soluble with eachother unknown to me. I will take ine drop of that material, put it on a slide and let it crystalize out and I will not only tell you the chemicals but the volumetric portion of each to 2 parts per   ____ volume under that microscope.”
30:16   … an electronic frequency through the tissues of the body that simply devitalizes the bacteria with no known harm to normal tissue.
30:57    “ The effect of a disease on an individual depends greatly upon the balance of the metabolism of that individual from a neutral PH.”
31:20    “ Because I sincerely believe if the body is an absolute normal PH it is susceptible to no diseases. Because our test tubes show that they won’t let anything grow with a normal PH.”
31:41    “ I worked with Rich Rosenall 14 years on Polio Miletis , We showed them the motion pictures of the whole entire process. What did they do? They fired Rosenall. He was getting too close
33:40    “ You know that’s a terrible thing, you know it’s a terrible thing to talk like that, I’m not bitter, but, I’m sick and tired of that kind of stuff.”
3. Gonin, Seiner & Crane, How Gonin found about Rife. David Davidson introduces Gonin to the theory. Rife loans Gonin a microscope over in England. Gonin questions Crane about instrument.

07:00   Seiner talks about Kendall & Rosenall and their work.
09:40   Talk about the lab at the Gables. Seiner talks about taking the microscope to England. Microscope base built by a bricklayer. Seiner talks about operating the microscope.
10:50   Met and demonstrated before the President of the British Microscopic Society
13:40   He says "I don't believe it!"
16:11 "The years now pass on, I still read the American Medical Society magazines and the Bacteriological Society magazines and all of the things Dr. Rife was talking about 20 years ago are now coming true.  This man is a genius, absolutely a genius. No question about it His touch for things; when you, have you ever seen a machinist or a mechanic that was more perfect than he is?  I never have. Gonin: He's got a lot of ______ in everything, music, in poetry, in art. He's got a lot of links of a genius.        Seiner talks about Rife and how he started out. Rifes relationship with Henry Timken of Timken Roller Bearing.
17:12   And you know who recognized it? One of the  greatest men of this country, Mr. Timken. Rife develops a x-ray for Timken Company. Benard Gross has problems with optics and Rife fixes it
17:40   Rife was a young boy out of school and he loved motors and Mr. Timken at that time was a racing enthusiast; and so someone told him about Rife, just out of college, and Rife developed a motor for him called Kitty Hawk the Fifth and Dr. Rife raced it to a world's record which still stands, has never been broken. Did you that? He is a absolute genius on motors. Developed about 2700 horsepower in 1915 and if you'll look in the record books in America it still stands. Kitty Hawk the Fifth, Royal Raymond Rife pilot. Still stands, never been broken all these years, never been broken.
18:48   So when the Timken people as you know are famous for roller bearings, thet are  a multimillion dollar corporation and a manufacturer of roller bearings. They had a problem years ago in which they wanted to segregate . . .
18:28   Rife developed an X-Ray eye which covered the entire length of the line.
20:00   This saved the Timken people billions of dollars, and in recognition of that achievement the Timken people set Dr. Rife and his wife up for life. They had an income for life and they gave them everything they wanted.
24:30   EC Rosenall, I feel was responsible for the Salk Vaccine . . .


1. Gonin, Seiner & Crane [Continued from CD 4] Rosenall and the experiment Seiner says Rosenall passed away.[found he did not die], AMA closes down the lab. Talks about work on cancer culture of BX. work with rats, reproduce the virus in them. Dr. Rife and Seiner inject the virus into themselves. 1932 to date Techniques used describes the organisms.
02:45   But you understand that this is pure conjecture on our part, we had no basis of scientific fact, but we felt that in the first instance, malignancy in itself was a case of normal cells going wild.
04:19   We developed an organism which was constant, which we callled Virus X.
06:08 both Dr. Rife and myself injected the virus into our arms to see what would happen. Neither one of us came down with the cancer.
06:19   The Bacillus X was isolated from 10 different cases of breast carcinoma by  Royal Raymond Rife of the Rife Research Laboratory in San Diego California during the period of time from January 1932 to date. Each of the test cases was carried through 44 transplants on Kendall Medium. Those techniques used in the isolation of the BX organism is as follows . . .             07:53   The color by chemical refraction is purplish red. The length of the organism 1/15th of a micron. The breadth is 1/20th of a micron. It carries an attraction to the ____ pole. It's deathrate in milliamperes is 175 direct current. The X-Ray and infrared have no influence on the organism, but the Ultraviolet slows up its' motility. The thermal dead point is 42 degrees centigrade for 24 hours
08:36    The filament voltage is 10 and the filament amperage is...
08:40   And its' electronic oscillatory rate is 1,604,000 cycles per second.
09:08  August 3, 1933: 2 pregnant white rats, 1 control; 2 virgin rats, 1 control 4 injected with BX August 10 all four developed tumors. Recovered the BX again from the surgically removed lesions. Injected into males and again developed lesions.
12:54   Recovered the BX and injected it into another set of females
13:54   Recovered the BX, 6 females, 5 with tumors again.
2. Gonin discusses with Seiner how they arrived with the death rate of the organism. When they hit the organism with it's same frequency it disappeared from under the microscope.
3. Dr. Fite and Rife talk about Gonin and his Lack of Knowledge of how to work the microscope. how the microscope controls work. Talks about motion pictures of whole process of BX and BY. Talks about purifying sea water. Talks of One Million Volt x-ray.
00:56 The large Microscope's controls require 7 complete revolutions to move 1 micron. Another microscope of his requires only 5 revolutions to move 1 micron.
02:02   Now this is purely chemical I can turn it into a biological microscope in 5 minutes you know by taking out the analyzers, the prisms and so on.
03:02   That's a navigational instrument for getting a ____ position ____ time, declination, azimuth, ____ within 30 seconds.      05:16   Doesn't replace the sextant it just a calculater to plumb the celestial triangle.
07:21   What I believe is that some of these non pathogenic organisms we have with us at all times. Our metabolism changes these. The same as I say I can take a Colon Bacillus, in 36 hours I can make it into a Typhoid Bacillus by altering the medium 2 parts per volume, right now with every damn known reaction of a Typhoid Bacillus clear down to the ____ reaction; everything, the whole thing straight through.
07:55   "That sure doesn't sound like what I learned in Biology!"
08"05   "When you get into the field of microbiology, bacteriology, hematology and all that things, all allied together, its a vast field and as I say, I've worked on it 50 years and I've scratched the surface damn gently."
08:50   "From ordinary seawater we can make perfectly distilled drinking water right here with this thing."
4. Rife Recites A Poem.    Gunga Din by Rudyard Kipling
5. Crane and Rife Discuss A Letter From The American Cancer Society. Downner and the International Cancer Society. Daughter of Commander in Navy who's son died of cancer, and she writes to her father about Rife. 1934, Dr. Johnson has records from AMA.
09:00   AMA in 1934 tried to buy Patent, Dr. Johnson has the letter in his files.
10:30   "There may be some of the frequencies that we are using that may be harmonics you know. Because when I check on these things and look through that microscope hour after hour, day after day tuning that damn thing to find something thats going to kill that bug and every hour, half an hour, whatever is required, I put a new fresh culture in it, the microscope and keep that on and I find something that blows it up, all right. Then I go back and zero the damn thing, come back up to my settings and put another fresh culture in it, if it'll do it 10 or 12 consecutive times then that is recorded. But its not an impossibility that some of those frequencies may be a harmonic."
11:14   "We may not know the true frequencies of some of them but it does the business. Maybe if we had the true frequency to do it better because it had more power than a harmonic, because a harmonic works in 8ths, 16ths, 32nds and 64ths."
11:29   JOHN; "Theres certainly a lot more work that could be done along these lines." Talks about the money that was not spent on cancer research when it was available. Nine tenths of the time, criticism comes from lack of knowledge. German scientist from Northwest University says, If you can't see it in his microscope, It was not there. Rife shows him different. He was the Professor of Pathology at Northwest University.
15:32   "I know how many hours they had. Thay have 3 months out of their 4 years course with a professor setting the gd microscope up there and tell them ' This is a section of a liver, this is a E Coli ', and they all file by and look into it. I'll line up 10 of them and they won't find 1 of them thats going to even focus this microscope."
16:32  "You'll find by God that 9/10's of the time of the criticism is a cloak of ignorance."
17:05   "When they don't know themselves then it ain't visible he says."
17:55   "Loke old Z___, Professor of Pathology at Northwestern University.
18:29   "If I can't see it with my microscope it isn't there!"
19:27   "By God finally I convinced the damn old square head by God. Back and forth, 3 or 4 times, "Let me see it again", I show him, he says, now he says "Now I know what it is!" But he says "So this damn thing here, he says, I don't know."
19:53 Z___ over 20 years Professor of Pathology, trained Dr. Johnson. Magnification in microscope explained.
20:33   John, "How do you explain this high magnification in the microscope doc? Is that due to the extra distance that you are traveling there through the tubes and the short focal length?"
20:50   "The power of the light and also the control of the illumination ...Because you cannot stain those particles with your acid and analine dye stains. Simply as I've stated a thousand times that the particles are smaller than the molecular portions or the granular structure of your acid and analine stains. So, the mousie can't swallow the elephant! Naturally! But they can only be stained with a frequency of light and the polarized light proves that.
21:31   "So, with a polarized light we know what chemicals are in that damn onion skin see. We can check them out with the angle of refraction, the color, the index, the amount of degrees that it takes for them to change from 1 to the other, alright. and fade from 1 to the other, alright, but you can't use polarized light you use a monochromatic light because a monochromatic light is a portion of the spectrum. I want to bring over that book, "The Dictionary of Color" too. So, there you are, thats the whole thing all the way through.
22:07   "But its impossible, like I've stated thousands of times, that you cannot crowd through this interference band of refraction to where your image crosses. The same as it does in a camera an amplitude of magnification thats greater than about 1400 times with resolution. But why stay with it? We got equiptment and the big microscopefor 449 millimeters a tube length but the greatest of seperation is 30 millimeters, we don't let it cross. We take it back and forth through 21 ____ but it doesn't cross, ...
22:44   " ... interference band of refraction..."
24:26   John "All those cancer slides you sectioned there doc, is it possible under the big power, the 17,000 power microscope to see the cancer virus in those?"
6. Crane closing with letter from Rife Talks of the different doctor's work with instrument. Couch, Rife and Stafford; Hope of building a new lab and perfecting their work. 1934, Rife evaluates. 1936, 1937, Millbank Johnson. After Johnson dies, The rest of the doctors scatter and the work stops.
03:01   A part time effort by all those involved.
03:29   Dr. Couch has probably treated 15,000 people in the past 23 years. Dr. Tully around 5,000    Dr. Stafford 100 by this time.

CD 6

1. Bob Cullum historical data, Talks about Rife personally, and the year he met Rife in 1913. Talks about when Rife started building the microscope
04:00    “ …and we finally got to a point where I made a pretty steady pilgrimage to the place, especially when we began to build this microscope here.
04:33    “ Anyway, he’d begun to get pretty deeply involved in bacteriology. He taught me a lot about that. He assembled autoclaves and we began to get the stuff together which of course you’ve seen.  And I picked up a prety nice little centrifuge for him and he still has it the last time I saw him.
04:53 Rife develops a means of testing the polarity of the tubes.
05:58    “ And Roy developed finally a means of testing the polarity of the materiel in the tubes.  And by dang that, by matching the polarity of the filaments to the polarity of the poles and this he did by   process of elimination at first, he was able to develop a dadgum sight more high frequency power than he ever did before.
06:30    “ I could talk to you  20 years about these various developments.” TB virus, cancer virus. talk of animals and inoculation. Rife could produce cancer in guinea  pigs.
07:33    “ He finally got to the point where he could produce cancer in a guinea pig in 2 weeks.” Rife performs operations on animals.
PAGES 34 – 35 Barry Lynes
Ben Cullum regrets that Rife was not published. When the trial started, Rife turned to liquor. Cullum states that he Saw the virus destroyed by the instrument. * Phillip Hoyland leads them to court. Meetings with Mayo Brothers; Fishbine, Harry Shapiro, Kendall, 1929- 1931. Dr. Haymer runs forty cases a day through his clinic in 6 months, cures an eighty-two year old man of skin disorder which engulfed his face. Beam Ray Corp. Cure of breast cancer. Phillip Hoyland becomes disappointed with his contract. Hoyland hires attorney, takes out law suit. Judge Kelley offers to fight the company who represented, indirectly, the AMA. After trial they closed out shop. Talks about Rife in court. How Rife dealt with the trial. Ben Cullum talks about personal life. Rectal cancer cured. Developed cancer cured. Dr. Hamer case history. TB cleared up in numbers. Dr. Hale tries to steal Rife's work after the trial. Dr. Hale cures the prostitutes. Rife claims Dr. Hale unclean. Dr. Hale kills patient after injection, had to lie to district attorney, cures man's wife and gets off. Crane talks about how he met Rife. Cullum talks about Rife showing him the results of smoke on lung cells.The secretary of treasure's wife, Roosevelt administration, calls on Rife. Rife treats wife and cures her. Dr.'s told to get rid of machine or lose membership in AMA.Reason for not being sued for malpractice cases. Couch was asked not to officiate any of the cases. Couch treats and cures lady with vocal problems. The La Hoya case cured. Pictures show how skin condition cleared up by Kendall, Rosenall, and Johnson. Dr. Gumer later came to state what he knew. Alvin G. Ford, at clinic at La Hoya. Talk of Rife's wife. Talk about Tulley and his use of the instrument. Rife and Cullum work with microscope. 1920, first microscope comes around. Rife talks about bacteriology in l913. Mrs. Timken gives Rife thirty thousand dollars for his experiments. Rife treats and cures Mrs. Timken. Cullum, tells about how he has seen, under the microscope, the TB virus, cancer virus and Polio virus. Rife shows doctors the proof, and their response. Personal comments about Rife and the rejection he felt. Cullum's opinion on getting started all over again.


1. Oct. 24,1959. Dr. Rife; an introduction to virus & cancer, and other methods and techniques. Related theories.
2. Rife talks about the bacillis of Tetanus.
3. Rife talks about Leprosy.
4. John Crane's personal remarks.


1. John Crane, introduction.
2. Dr. Couch, time and space.
3. Couch, talks about Rife; how they met. Dr. Millbank Johnson. Johnson President of LA Medical Society
4. Couch gets his own instrument. Used for 22 years
5. TB case cured.
6. Talk about frequencies demonstrated by Rife and Dr. Millbank Johnson.
7. Couch talks about the use of the instrument in England. Dr. Millbank Johnson tells Couch, he needs to join the medical society. Couch is rejected by the Medical Society because of his use of the Rife device. Talk about medical insurance. Talk about local cases. Talk about his service in the army as a surgeon.
03:10    “God’s always with me anyway and He may be help too.” Couch regarding a man with ¾ inch of his lip eaten away  who was treated for 17 days and went back to work at a Post Office but eventually died from pneumonia before he could get skin grafted onto his face.
8. Patient with condition of the mouth cured.
9. 1947, sinus case of thirty years cured.
10. Other cases cured.
11. Woman with TB cured. Kidney case.
12. Child with TB of the leg cured.
13. Many sinus cases cured. Growths cured. About medical records.
14. Results with eyes, cases cured.
15. Talks about treating tumors.
16. Talk about cases at Rife's lab and the microscope. Talk about the instrument and it's reactions. Couch – Rife’s Lab cost $25,000.00 to build and had 15 inches of concrete on the floor to stop  earthquake shocks from interfering with his work.
17. Skin diseases.
18. Case of Lupus cured. Couch – believed that psoriasis was hereditary, carried out in generations.  Says the machine has no effect on hormones
19. Instrument taken to Paradise Valley Sanitarium.

20. Dr. Hamer cures colitis. Dr. Hamer ordered to take device out of building, or leave.
21. Dr. Hamer leaves the hospital, opens new office. License threatened so he moves to work at his brothers sanitarium in Lake Tahoe
22. Talk about TB, and the TB Society, and his contact with them.
23. Hamer talks about himself, and Dr. Couch, and Hamer's son with TB cured.
24. John Crane closing to Dr. Stafford. Couch’s son James cured of TB while in High School with the machine. Couch died in February 1959. Gave Tully a machine in 1950.
25.Talk with woman with pain in her chest.

26.Man with double cataracts.


1. John Crane; introduction.
2. Dr. Tulley; case of Butterfly Lupus cured.
3. Dr. Tulley talks about infection after operations. Gallstones.
4. Tulley; Trenchmouth cured
5. Tulley; Butterfly Lupus cured.
6. Tulley; Buterfly Lupus Cured.
7. Tulley, how he met Rife, through Dr. Couch, through their children.
8. Tulley on treating cancer cases. Lady with ear gone cured in three weeks.
9. Tulley; how often he used instrument. Talks about duration of treatment.
10. Tulley talks about Pyorrhea.
11. Tulley talks about preventative maintenance on the mouth.
12. Tulley and Crane, talk about getting treated with the light before you get sick.
13. Crane greets lady with Tulley.Tulley talks about case in Mexico sent to him by the mayor of Tijuana.
14. Crane and Rife go to clinic in Tijuana owned by the Mayor, who is a surgeon.
15. Tulley; talks about other diseases that might be treated.
16. Tulley talks about skin diseases.
17. Crane thanks Dr. Tulley.
18. Dr. Tulley talks about his frustrations stemming from lack of interest from the government.
19. Crane addresses Dr. Stafford about Tulley and Couch.
20. Couch addresses lady with pain in her chest, Mrs. Jones. Couch talks about double cataracts with Mr. Jones.
21. Couch talks to Mrs. Jones about her arm.
22. Crane explains to Dr. Stafford about woman's case.
23. Back to Couch and Mrs. Jones.
24. Dr. Couch and Patient, Robert Scholl.
25. John Crane, closing.


1. John Crane, introduction.
2. Rife talks to Dr. Lara about infection. Streptococcus and Syphilis.
3. Dr. Rife talks about the first instrument built. Rife staining method. 1922, research and the microscope. Light and color index.1931. Dr. Kendall, Pasadena Hospital. Primordial cells and filterable forms. Dr. Rosenal and Dr. Kendall, and the number two microscope. 1932.Poliomyelitis.The universal microscope.

06:25    #1 Microscope used by Rife and Kendall at the Pasadena General Hospital in 1931 for visualization . . .
4. John Crane introduction.
5. Rife, Crane, Tulley, and other medical men. E. coli infection of the kidney.
6. Personal talk about boats.
7. Talk about the tubes, gassing process, and the Bush tubes from Germany, used in the clinic in La Hoya. Talk about the tube, sixteen years use.
00:26  tube had quartz on the outside, used at La Hoya for 16 years, best tube Rife ever had
02:55 Crane made the tubes’ electrodes from solid copper bar
8. Talk about men coming to talk to Rife about Albinall's clinic. Talk about cases that were treated
9. Case of old woman with Lupus, cured.
10. Rife talks about free clinic in Mexico.
11. Talk again about men coming to visit, not there yet.Personal talk.
12. Talk about Mexico clinic resumed.
13. Case; Spanish woman, cancer of the liver, given six weeks to live.
14. Cancer research and x-rays. Talk about the rats and experiments.
15. Rife talks about being cautious about their work. The AMA and people who went to jail.
16. Rife; personal comment.
17. Personal talk about medical school.
18. Talk about the microscope.
19. Crane introduces Dr. Tulley in Mexico.
20. Tulley in Mexico.
21. Crane talks to Tulley about growth behind the ear, and treats it with the frequency instrument.
22. Rife talks to Stoudard and Dickman, about doing an article on Rife. Fifty years research, started in 1920.Talk about vibration frequencies, possible harm, how it works. and thirty years use by Rife.


1. Crane and Tulley, growth behind Tulley's ear, cleared up with light.
2. Rife tells his story to Stoudard and Dickman.
12:10   Rife spent 20 years on cancer alone,  “ 20,000 tissue sections of cancer alone and I have thousands and thousands of others …”
14:45   Rife initially trained at Johns Hopkins University as a surgeon. Gave nit all up clinically for research of the human condition, more important than practicing medicine or surgery. Studied eye surgery under Foch in Vienna.
3. Rife talks about producing the virus BX.
4. Rife talks to Dr. Lara, in Mexico, about the virus of cancer.
5. Crane closes to Dr. Stafford.


1. Crane; introduction, 1956.
2. Dr. Couch; how he met Rife and what he saw.
3. 1956, Crane talks about the current medical system, and how Rife's work should be recognized.
4. John Crane talks about trying to contact the government for it's help.
5. John Crane preventative treatment. Documentation. Talks about the different reports. The microscope.
6. Dr. Rife tells his story.
7. John Crane closes.


1. John Crane; introduction.
2. Dr. Rife talks about the microscope and frequencies.
3. John Crane speaks of the fundamentals of the microscope. “ The entire optical system of Lenses, Prisms, Illuminating unit made of Rock Crystal Quartz. Especially transparent to UV readiation. It has 14 lenses and prisms
4. Dr. Rife interjects an error in information.
5. Crane continues.
6. Dr. Rife interjects another correction.
7. Crane continues. Dr. Rife joins in the discussion about the microscope, how it works, and the virus.
02:20   No immersion oil 2.25 = 1.16 water immersion 4 lenses rotating British Royal Chemical Secretary supplied the magnesium for the 100th to one inch Magnesium Tracks, Magnesium has the closest coefficient expansion of any metal to quartz. One ounce cost $290.00. Light in the microscope travels 449 mm in a tube length of 229 mm. 44 inches high and 200 pounds
17:60   At 10,000 we see the cells in the cells are composed of little cells. At 60,000 we wonder where infinity is!
19:50     E Coli to Cancer Virus in 14 cycles
24:50     “ The metabolism of the individual will alter these organisms which are absolutely harmless in the pathogenic organism and produces disease in many instances.”
26:30    “ The virus is the chemical constituent of a certain pathogenic bacteria that is the causitive agent of the disease!, because ,I say, we can produce chemically the symptoms of most diseases, chemically without any bacteria when we know the chemical factor of that disease, which we do in biochemistry. “
37:40    Cancer virus is one 20th micron in width. One 15th in length.   - aerobic, grows with air -  highly motile, California to New York in 1 Hour -  Purple-Red under monochromatic light
8. Dr. Rife speaks about the BX and other works.
9. Crane closes.


1. Dr. Gonin. How he met Rife in l938. He has Dr. Rife make him a small microscope.
2. Dr. Gonin asks Crane "What do they do with the machine?" Crane and Gonin talk about Millbank Johnson.
3. Crane and Henry Seiner. Talks about what Seiner's primary function was with Rife.
4. Seiner talks about Rife and Timken.
5. Seiner talks about work at the Rife lab. Dr. Rosenal, of the Mayo clinic. Battle with the AMA.
6. Seiner talks about work on cancer.
7. Seiner talks about one of the rats. Tape ends in middle of sentence.

CD 15

1. Henry Seiner, one of Rife's former assistants, talks about Rife's work on Bacillis X, at the U.S. Grant Hotel, on April 4,1956.
2. Gonin and Seiner discuss the oscillatory rate of the organism. Talks of how they have only scratched the surface of theirwork. Thoughts, and their speculations of the work left to be done.
3. Talk about spirituality, the cosmos, the media, and consciousness. Seiner and his wife leave the hotel. All say "Goodbye."
4. Crane and Mrs. Gonin, talk after Seiner leaves the hotel.
5. Gonin talks about helping Rife. Crane and Gonin talk about the virus and bacteria, the frequencies, the light, and the microscope.
6. Crane closes.

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