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This Website Reviews the Work History of Dr. Royal Rife as reported in 
The MEDIA & MEDICAL Journals  Between 1930-1971




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John Crane
John Marsh
  • Front Page of SAN DIEGO UNION Newspaper and Article, Dated, June 12, 1931
  • Dinner Meeting Attended by Doctor's Practicing in the San Diego Area on Nov 20, 1931
  • POPULAR SCIENCE  Magazine Article Dated, June 12, 1931
  • Additional Published Articles, Research Papers, Patents and Photo's

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Since the 30's there have been many books, articles and newspapers published concerning Rife's Research on Cancer and other diseases. Most of his lab  notes have  long been  forgotten about, destroyed  or kept under lock  and key by a few individuals. These people, for their own selfish reasons, are unwilling to share them with the world.  We are not here to debate whether or not Rife's many years and long hours of research in his lab reveal the truth or not.  We offer this web site only for you to read and view what individuals have located in the last 10 years' of doing research.  It is up to you as an individual to look at the facts and decide for yourself if there is any truth here.

Eight years ago, I started collecting everything I could find about Rife. What you see here is the work of about 8 different people from all over the world who have managed to locate and share what you see on this website  with the world. If you have any Rife related material and would like to have it shared on this website, please send it to us. We will gladly  list your name as a supporter of this website.

Latest News

 | Original Beam Ray Trial Manuscripts  |
PDF files containing original Beam Ray Trial manuscripts 
Manuscript  | 1 |
Manuscript  | 2 |

| History of  Rife's Instruments & Frequencies  |
PDF file containing history of the instruments/frequencies that were developed.
Note: Quotes from audio cd's, court documents & other papers recently located.

The Rife International Health Conference will held  October 20 - 22, 2006  Seattle, WA
"To Share the Incredible Potential of Rife Technology for Improved Health"
| Rife Conference | Rife Conference 2003 Review |

The Rife Audio CD's and the Rife Video listed below are being sold by other individuals that have an interest in Educating the public on Rife Technology. 
I  receive no payments or commission on anything that is listed on this Website.

In February 1986, Barry Lynes wrote a newspaper article for The Planet (Washington D.C.). We would like to thank him for giving us a copy and permission to let people read it.  | The cure for cancer was covered up |

| Rife Lab Tour |  Narrated By John Crane
Windows Media To View

John Bedini's Rife Research Group    | Bedini Rife Group |        
John Bedini got involved and worked with John Crane and Robert Strecker in 1974 to rediscover what went
wrong with Rife Technology.
He convinced a company called Gamma
Electronics Inc and it's board members to 
bring John Crane to Sylmar California
in an attempt to rediscover what went wrong with the Rife technology.
He closed down one of his shops, building audio equipment to build a research lab to work with Crane and Dr. Strecker to study all the possible circuits under Crane's direction. Strecker offered to culture bacteria and different virus to see if the technology worked at a cost of over $150,000. His expertise in the field of Audio Power Amplifiers, 3D sound processors, non linear pulse energy circuits, AM and FM transmitters has given him a real advantage in electronics field. 
(Note: John has managed to find the right combination modulation that he now can destroy stuff under his microscope using a single wire under the slip cover of the slide) | Bedini Video |

| British Rife Group |
Early last year, the British Rife Group located an original 1939 Beam Ray Rife Machine which was discovered walled up in the closet of a former Doctors' surgery. It had been there for some fifty years. The name of the original doctor who owned it is unknown. It has now been restored and back engineered and the circuit drawings are now available for down loading at Aubrey Scoons website For Rife Researchers. 


We would like to thank Jason Ringas of the RIFE RESEARCH GROUP OF CANADA, who has supplied us some of the information and pictures you see here. Jason has spent much time and money searching the world for information regarding Rife and his work. You may email him at:  :  j the hepcat r at rogers dot com

Shawn Montgomery of ZERO ZERO TWO PRODUCTIONS has produced a video documentary on Rife. You can preview it by using the link. |
Rife's Rise |  [Requires Real Player]
You may order this video at the following link. | www.zerozerotwo.org | (Video review)
Shawn also provided us with transcripts of some interviews.

www.rife.de |
Peter Walkers Website in Germany. You will find a placebo study (sometimes called double-blind) Australian study  using audio frequency therapy in the treatment of arthritis along with nice colored photographs of the Rife Microscope (Number 5) the belonged to Gonin which is now in the London Science Museum. Peter also has one of the largest Rife Forums to this date.

Rife Audio CD's
Last year, 8 reels of audio tapes were found and have been cleaned up and recorded on  15 CDs. The approximate cost of these CDs is about 210 US Dollars. These CDs contain Dr. Royal Rife and others talking about the Cancer Virus and his research. |
Royal Rife Speaks (4 Minutes) | Master Index of Rife CD's | To Order |

AAA Production      | The Royal Rife Story |
Last year AAA Production produced a video of Rifes work. This video is available from AAA.

 All links, articles, and references contained in these pages are for educational purposes only. Under no circumstances do we offer any form or type of medical advice or services. We urge that all medical decisions should be made in consultation with your qualified doctor or health care provider.  
Permission to access these pages is given only with this disclaimer.

"Never must the physician say, the disease is incurable. By that admission he denies God,
our Creator; he doubts Nature with her profuseness of hidden powers and mysteries."

Quoted from the last page of the book "THE MEDICAL FOLLIES" printed
in 1925 and written by Morris Fishbein, M.D.
Editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association

Wonder What Happened!

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